Marble Cleaning

Marble has been long recognized as the most versatile choice in home décor. Marble is clean and easily maintained with unlimited workability allowing for a varied range of patterns and a multitude of colors with some type of veining running through it. The veins are usually different in color than the main color of the stone. Marble is relatively soft when compared to other stones such as granite. It will scratch very easily and is also very sensitive to acidic chemicals. Marble is used to produce magnificent tile floors, kitchen Countertops, Marble Bathroom Vanities, Tile Floors, Marble Wall Tile and even columns. Marble tile is a natural stone material that is millions of years old. Geologically Marble is a limestone that has re-crystallized through the action of heat and pressure (metamorphism) while still retaining properties of the original material. Our expert craftsmen at North County Tile & Stone Cleaning have years of experience in handling and working with this beautiful stone.

Pros of Marble
– Strong and durable
– Adds value to your home
– Easy to Clean – no maintenance
– Available in a huge range of colors and options

Cons of Marble
– Relatively soft, and can stain easily
– It can scratch very easily
– Very expensive


Marble Cleaning: Care & Maintenance

Marble requires some care and attention in order to maintain its original luster and appearance. Many stone tiles including marble are porous in nature; excessive water may cause reactions such as oxidation, staining, deterioration, etc. Special impregnating or penetrating sealers are recommended to avoid these problems. We always apply sealers to any marble applications. To clean marble surfaces, warm water, mild dishwashing liquid and a soft cloth can be used. Marble is especially susceptible to damage from citric acids, alcohols, and oils. Vinegar is acidic and will leave a dull spot on marble. Avoid the following acidic materials from coming in contact with your marble: Vinegar, lemon, tomato and tomato sauce, bleach, coffee, urine, vomit, tile cleaners, X-14, toilet bowl cleaners, and cleaners with lemon. With the proper care, your Marble’s beauty will last for generations.


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